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Specialised Cochlear Implant Insurance for only £11.98 per month for unilateral and bilateral users.

Get peace of mind to allow you to live your life as you want to.

Easy Payment

A monthly direct debit will be set up for £11.98 which allows us to minimise collection costs and pass the savings on to you. This allows you to cancel your policy very simply if you wish.

No Excess charge

In the event of a claim the policy has no excess charge and will not affect the renewal costs of any other insurance policies you may have.

Fast Claims Handling

UK based claims handling team are trained on Cochlear Implants. They understand how important it is to quickly settle a claim and source a replacement device.

Comprehensive Cover

Our policy not only covers theft and accidental/malicious damage, we also cover Accidental Loss. This is for the sound processor, coil and cable.

Worldwide Protection

Providing you are a UK resident you are covered anywhere in the world for up to 90 days whether on business or a holiday.

Loan Devices

If you have been provided with loan equipment by the manufacturer or the NHS then both sets of equipment are automatically covered both in the UK and abroad.

Main Policy Benefits

The main policy  benefits are explained below. Please read the Policy Wording and Insurance Product Information Document for  more details. If any aspect of the cover needs more explanation please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, want to make a claim or need to sign up for the insurance over the phone please get in touch.

0330 223 4388 enquiries@aspenassociates.co.uk

Regulatory & Legal Information

Insurance4cochlearimplants is a trading name of Aspen Associates Ltd. Aspen Associates Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Specialty Risks Ltd. Specialty Risks Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority reference number 771865.

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Terms & Conditions & Exclusions apply - please see ‘Policy Wording’  and ‘Product Information’ documents for more details.


We understand the importance of fast Cochlear Implant replacement and have developed relationships with all the major Cochlear Implant manufacturers to enable this. We aim to process a completed claim within one working day.