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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Specialty Risks?

Specialty Risks are a specialist insurance administrator. Specialty Risks administrate other specialist insurance products including Insulin Pump insurance and Disabled Student insurance. Their insurance policies are designed specifically for their customers.

What is the price?

The insurance costs you £11.98 a month including 12% Insurance Premium Tax. The cost is the same whether you are a unilateral or bilateral user. If you are a bilateral user, you should select two implants to insure when prompted on the sign up page.

How long does a policy last?

A policy lasts for 1 month and will automatically renew until cancelled by you.

What does the policy cover?



How do I sign up?

Please visit https://www.insurance4cochlearimplants.co.uk and click on ‘Buy now’ button to sign up. The cover is instant once you have completed the online journey.

When will you collect my Direct Debit?

We collect Direct Debit’s on either the 3rd or 17th of each month. Following the first collection, recurring payments will be taken on the same date each month. If either of these dates falls on a weekend or public holiday it will be the next closest working day. The date of your collection is determined by the date you sign up as there needs to be at least 10 working days between your sign up and the first collection date.

My policy start date is prior to the collection date, will this affect my cover?

Your policy start date may be several days before we take the first collection. This is because it can take 10 working days to set up a Direct Debit Instruction with your bank. This does not affect your insurance cover which will start instantly following your sign up, even if we haven’t collected your Direct Debit.

How do I cancel my policy?

You may cancel your policy at any time by telephone or email. Please just give us 30 days’ notice. If you cancel your direct debit during the expiring period, you will no longer be covered for any incident.

How will I receive my policy documents?

You will automatically be sent your policy documents via email after you have completed the sign-up process. If you require these posted to you please email cochlear@specialty-risks.com quoting your policy number.

How do I make claim?

If you need to make a claim, please call us on 0333 323 7950 (local rate call charge) or email us at claims@specialty-risks.com. You may also complete a claim online at https://www.specialty-risks.com/cochlear-claims/

How do I make an amendment to my policy?

If you need to make an amendment to your policy, please call us on 0333 323 7950 (local rate call charge) or email us at cochlear@specialty-risks.com. You may also complete a claim online at https://www.specialty-risks.com/cochlear-claims/

I don’t know my serial number(s), what should I do?

If you don’t know your serial number(s) please leave this field blank or put ‘Unknown’ on the insurance sign-up form.